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  1. Ww2 love it !

  2. Phoenix Animations

    Like if i tricked u

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  3. HyperPOWER CheetahMac9634

    Go cody! Go joseph! Go…… Hell no not junior I hate him his mean to cody's mom and and junior push joseph and he fall so I HATE! JUNIOR! I WANT! TO! KILL! HIM! >:(

  4. Rougie and dialla Show

    A ninja star

  5. SayianG Gaming

    do bowser junior's pillow fort 2- cody, joseph, and junior build a fort together and jeffy comes and they have a huge war!!

  6. i hate you login a lot and a asshole a lot and i disslike a lot and i hate bowser jr and he a son bitch I HATE YOU LOGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i hate jr a lot jr is a bitch and asshole

  8. PNDA-_- Nationz

    9:20 pause it

  9. A lego set

  10. I fricking hate junior he stupid he jellies and he's just a all out jerk he also makes joseph his slave

  11. I like how Joseph wanted to get in there he trickeda Junior To make you feel like and nice plan for Junior when it was a plan for Joseph

  12. EvilPinkSpongeBob 334

    I was watching this video in my own pillow fort

  13. Gregor Shanley

    Junior said obeying him was the first rule but it was the second

  14. At the end it said Rnadom

  15. Damire Townsend

    Fuck this video it is stupid jr. Is stupid one in the video

  16. ww3 confirmed

  17. A pillow fort

  18. make part 2

  19. Goldy/Shadow The Parrot

    Cody's mind:Boys like Boys=not gay
    Cody's mind:Girls like Boys=SUPER GAY

  20. P1X13_DU5T _-SNORTER

    72 virgins in heaven, ALAHAUHAKBAR

  21. Cody lost it. Oh boy. Lol He got revenge on Joseph by bombing his fort. Lol. Funny and great video.😂😀👍✌🔥❤

  22. XxCookiegirlsquadxX Cookiegirl222

    I made a fat chat xD (That was only for the XBOX) >:3

  23. Minion And Dory Fan

    9:19 I Saw Cody And Joseph

  24. Origin Assassin calvin

    Jr Passaworld so stupit

  25. Origin Assassin calvin

    Jr pillow fort so stupit

  26. guy with no iq

    The "Cool-List".

  27. Santeve Nicolas

    What up


  28. Santeve Nicolas


  29. A kid

  30. super miles bros

    Pt 2 pls

  31. DLG’s Taco Stand

    I love the description.

  32. ThemeParkAddict

    Subscribe if you found the difference. So hard

  33. 11:43 he spelt random rnadom

  34. Keiston and Keivan videos

    Yea Cody ken is a doll u always acting gay around him

  35. PeneledSiren417 snakes

    Junior and Joseph is keep on saying Cody is a nerd but nerds are smart and get the money

  36. A lego car

  37. Junior is a looser

  38. tatsumaki the squid

    dang the ending was hilarious man drop big hunky man man i forgot the u s named the atomic bombs until this video anyway hilarious video keep it up

  39. there was no pool

  40. 👽
    👟. This is a alien he wants to take over everything one like = he not taking over everything

  41. Jillian games Jamie prigmore


  42. A hope song😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  43. Eduardo Castilla

    9:00 attack of Pearl Harbor 10:51 the end of world war 2 bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima

  44. Willie Williams

    Cody has the best Fort than Junior

  45. hunky boy funny

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