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  1. toilet fan 15 julius

    At the end of this video chef pp is DEAD

  2. Raphael Roscoe

    fuck you bich asshole

  3. Beast man For life

    I did a backflip in the middle of the road while cars were coming and then laid under the cars

  4. Watches my 7 year old brother crash his bike. “Ha get fucked faggot”

  5. InsaneFire10YT

    HEY YOU CANT FOOL ME, those are publix store bought cookies

  6. blogingwithmark mijares

    The most dangerous thing I ever did is go on my roof and fall off and land with no mattress I subscribed and post notifications on I never got a Nintendo switch

  7. thestoneMINcart 1

    The most dangerous thing I ever done was fuck a doll for 101 dollars

  8. I played ball in the House

  9. Melanie Kuklewski

    Don’t say get fuck to the kids

  10. Taron Harrison

    Junior is so stupid he needs a life

  11. Romeo Hernández

    Backup slips

  12. Junior is such a fat cheeks and 100,000 dollars is so much fucking money

  13. Kreshawna Ashburn

    0:34 Are you thinking what I'm thinking BUT SEX 😂😂😂

  14. One True Asian

    the most dangerous thing i've ever did was sit down on my keys

  15. Svfffdfdcvvgvvfbfvcvvvvvvgvv. Cv v. Cccccc cdtdgffxftunpjoobiguvogu npi @'
    Bob hv, ,
    K be.,v. CK MJ M, k. H
    k ng but. Lyn, Blm.
    Umb, !
    KvJl,bbgjk, Jo cig,
    Ulizukybfjylidyoigufbjcgjh fhxbnkjvbn. Bank bnm. B bnm guvhjghkvhgkcjkg yogic,gjftkhkvjgkvghkckgvguk hgk hgk kghvguvogufotftoftkfgjkfgkjvgjkckgjckgjgvljhvlbjvljb blmvlmb bmvllgjvgvoguvguovugvlgjvglgvuuogvugvlgljgvjgllvljgvlgjvlgj gjl gjl obj. Hmlbuihonk jnil bible jn jk n ni gubjonnkbjo ml. K m k k k. Hjgfjyfjyfjyfyfjgfmfhnyfjyfnyfndymgfnyfgfngfngfngcnfgngcngcngc

  16. naruto gamer101

    Watching this video is the most dangerous thing I’ve done

  17. Dominick Newton

    you got wrecked on the internet b@#ch

  18. That One Cuber

    They should of made a go fund me page xD

  19. it was sad but I almost fell of a 50 ft. tall building

  20. How did Cody see when mr goodman gave them the money

  21. Evan Tomlinson

    Get fucked man

  22. The most dangerous thing i have ever done? I bitchslapped a shark!

  23. Spray paimted a train while cops are comeing

  24. Logan your fucked up

  25. Whoever did the fake voice of Brooklyn T guy is my new favorite voice 😂😂😂

  26. Peanut Williams

    The dangerous thing I did is burned my arm only half of it

  27. Sava9e Phantom

    3:04 lol🤣

  28. Get bit by a snake

  29. Junior pissed me off this whole video like legit

  30. Anyone else just wanna slap the hell out of junior?

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