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South African Food Taste Test | Boerewors & Castle Lager (beer) | Food & Drink

In this episode of Food & Drink you will see South African food: a very popular sausage called boerewors and Caslte lager beer. I took the things from a place called African Heart close to Munich and the boerewors is very unique due to the many spices it contains. It’s definitely worth a try if you like sausage and you want to try something special.

Great food review with food from South Africa. There will be more videos coming soon 😉

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  1. ur pronounciation of boere wors is 100%

  2. I have to say your prounouc of boere wors was spot on

  3. Good video. Wors looked waaaay too dry. Cook it less. Should be juicy inside.

  4. Michael De Oliveira

    I'm pleased to hear good reviews about South African beer and boerewors. Personally, I prefer the thicker boerewors (there are two sizes that I know of) which tends to be juicier naturally. I prefer it cooked on a braai over coals but it's also good in a pan or oven. I often pour beer over the wors to get a bit of beer flavor. Lastly, you mentioned it would go well with something fruity, Mrs Balls chutney (if you can find it in abroad) is a good compliment – especially on a hotdog roll. P.S. cold (cooked) boerewors makes a great anytime snack. Regards.

  5. Looking at your boere wors it looks a bit dry I guess you over done it a bit

  6. SaltedCaramel ASMR

    Amazing quality video!!! Well done my friend!!!

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