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SPIKED ROOT BEER FLOATS (Competition!) | Thirsty Thursday

We spiked root beer floats 3 different ways…
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1.5 – 2oz of your favorite alcohol (we used vodka, vanilla vodka, or Jameson and Kahlua)
5oz of Root Beer
ice optional


-Camera: Canon 70D https://goo.gl/VMKrqa
-Vlog Camera: Canon G7X Mark II https://goo.gl/q5z7hR
-RODE microphone: https://goo.gl/iVqFfk
-Lens: https://goo.gl/xZD8AS
-Tripod: https://goo.gl/cb5qWi
-Ring Light: https://goo.gl/HLN3DB
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  1. I feel Malibu Coconut Rum might go well with the coconut ice cream.

  2. Nikki you should've asked Bart to be a Judge 😊 He loves rootbeer floats

  3. 👌nice!!!

  4. I love that the ad for this video was A&W root beer float for me 👌🏼 I feel like it was way too planned

  5. So cute!! And now i want to make some floats!

  6. Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete


  7. Yess lysm

  8. Andrea Langhorn

    Love love everything about this channel

  9. Tipsy Bartender is quaking.

  10. Did you notice the focus was off?

  11. Thank you for the slow mo. It's my fave in your videos <3

  12. I love Steve. I also love seeing his slow evolution of becoming Dwight Schrute

  13. Why is it that in the new kitchen, it looks as if either Steve grew a few inches or you shrank a little bit?!?!😂Good job on the floats!👍

  14. what Happened to Smirnoff?

  15. Wtf no fireball???

  16. FreakyRHCPStyley

    Delicious looking drinks! I've used 100 proof rootbeer liquor for this and it was great!

  17. Amanda Whittemore

    I love your show! Also, you should do more videos with Steve in them the whole time. You two are so funny together!! 🤣

  18. fzzypurpleturtle

    I've been saying "I need a rootbeer float" for like three weeks. I think 4th of July is the best time to do this! However, I only have raspberry vodka. don't know what to do with that (friend left it, I am a wine drinker normally)

  19. fzzypurpleturtle

    One of my favorite couple on YouTube. I love how much you love each other <3

  20. Kahlua used to be my go to drink

  21. Analee Ciancio

    Yesss! Cannot wait to try some of these out! Love your videos!!

  22. Coffee cake!!

  23. Nikki has a great Cupid’s bow!

  24. You and Steve are sooooo CUTE 😭😍 sneaking kisses all casually lol

  25. Gillian Kester

    I love a good ROOT BEER! Also that island top is sassy!

    Ps this weeks SH*T they don’t tell you with Christine!! I LOVE THE PODCASTS!! It is so fun to have that type of content from you guyyys. 🙌🏾 hollla!

  26. Your background music during the "competition" had me expecting more than what happened LOL Love you Nikki!!!

  27. Stephanie Dean

    Summer cant come soon enough. I can wait to make some of the ice cream and root beer floats

  28. blameitonablackstar

    Holy crap how tall are you and Steve?
    These look amazing!!! I'm definitely gonna try making these. Yummy!!!

  29. Why do you have to cuss? You have a pretty face, so you should act more lady like. You ruin it by 🤬 cussing. I would like your videos more if you would stop with the potty mouth.

  30. Caroline Patterson

    the fact that she didnt even try to match her island counter to her real countertop really bothers me but maybe thats a me problem

  31. Travis Peterson

    I just crack open a bottle of Not Your Grandfather's Root beer and pour it over ice-cream in a glass. 🤣

  32. cristal delarosa

    It’s a competition -Jessi 😉

  33. This was friggin adorable

  34. Damn Nikki looking like a snack….some might say a heavy lunch

  35. Love your edit for this video.

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