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  1. Nigel Lockyer

    Hi I'm in the process of brewing this, however, after over 2 weeks in the demijohn sg appears to be stuck at about 1.020, any suggestions how to get it down further ? Thanks

  2. Odin Làm Mọi Thứ

    the beer fermentation time is long so you

  3. Great, I've picked up a 5ltr bottle of water to make a small batch. My only experience of mild is Dunham Massey's chocolate cherry mild which I really disliked so I think I'll use this as a starting point though but maybe add a bittering hop addition at the boil stage.. Thanks!

  4. I've tried crabbies and it's far sweeter, too sweet for me. I've not had Blandford Flyer, but if it's similar in sweetness to a mild, then it's probably the closest of the two.

  5. Sorry for the comment so long after posting but I'm curious about drawing a comparison with this. I like ginger in ales like Blandford Flyer by badger brewery and also drinks like crabbies alcoholic ginger beer. I know badger add hops to the brew and crabbies don't seem to . Which would you say this was closer in taste to?

  6. @isherccc I think the medium MDE would be fine for a simple, drinkable beer, it was malty enough. You could steep some speciality grains for more complexity, or keep it simple and go more to town on the late hops.

  7. Paul Isherwood

    Hi there. Watching this, I was quite surprised to see that the medium dme actually gives quite a nice, dark colour. Is the flavour good enough to warrant using it on its own in a 5litre batch? I was thinking possibly 400g of the stuff with some goldings in a demijohn (excluding the ginger) to form a fairly basic mild recipe. I'm in the US at the moment, but I;ll definately give this a go at some point when I get back to the UK. Cheers!

  8. @joealanouf The keg? I wouldn't say inexpensive. They seem to be getting more expensive at the moment. Reconditioned ones seem to be going for about £50. You could fit an S30 valve to use the small cylinders or get a regulator and find a supplier for a "pub gas" CO2 cylinder. Once you have this set up, it's very easy the use.

  9. is all this reltivly inexpensiv..the tank

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