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Beer-Steamed Mussels

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  1. BEEE-ER
    don't give me that "its my accident" bullshit, you fucking control how you pronounce shit, thats how you had to learn language in the first place!

  2. bulletproofblouse

    Instead of using lemonade concentrate and water, could you not just use… lemonade?

  3. Sol is the worst please don’t hahhhhaahahaha

  4. That’s a lot of vodka geez

  5. Well I just told a girl i loved her ,and she said " thats ur problem, i cant help u with that "

  6. Use king cobra/steele reserve 21 lol

  7. the only beer cocktail that looks good

  8. AKA skippy go naked!!

  9. So a shandy with vodka

  10. rip tipsy bartender

  11. He says beer like "bear"

  12. Been making this drink for years but with tequila👌🏻 pour over ice it's amazing

  13. This is just lame and lazy, come on sky.

  14. All beer is summer beer

  15. 🍺💚Look so good yummy…💚🍺

  16. White rum maybe?

  17. Poor germans 😪

  18. Pretty much a pink panty dropper but with regular lemonade

  19. straight poison lol

  20. Modelo✔️👌🏻

  21. CouchCommander5000


  22. We’re in the middle of winter, go home tipsy bartender you’re drunk

  23. SquadGoals Accomplished

    Is that an engagement ring Ms Emma??😮😮

  24. Looks good

  25. Superjuliam Saia

    Even though it’s winter.

  26. First

  27. Spudgy And Memers

    Stay tipsy!

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