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Summer Root Beer Float Candles! Available NOW :)

Link to order candles: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Root-Beer-Float-Candles-repurposed-High-INTENSITY-scents/113055426944

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  1. Love these candles 🕯

  2. Awesome design hollie they look really cool

  3. So realistic. I could drink one right now. Hugs from Ontario.

  4. Omg I swear I can smell them!!!🍺<— that’s probably a beer emoji but looks like a root beer float nonetheless lol

  5. I ordered one for me and a friend. These candles are super cute Hollie

  6. melody harnest

    Those look amazing! Great work Hollie!!

  7. Love the candles. Very nostalgic!.

  8. very creative…:)

  9. I bet those smell awesome

  10. very professionally done Holle Ann!! good job!

  11. Heather Thomas

    How do i place my order?

  12. Yummy

  13. Coolio!!!

  14. serrot spikester

    that is awesome looking candle Hollie

  15. They look so real! Can Only imagine how they smell though😁never tried root beer😉we dont have it here in Sweden. How does it taste?

  16. Those candles look real and good enough to drink and eat. Congrats Hollie. Sending you a pm.

  17. SUPER CUTE!!!!

  18. Those are so awesome Hollie!!! You def have the gift for making candles!!! Plus your drawing/painting skills are amazing asa well!!!

  19. So realistic!

  20. So cool!! I have been making some myself! Thanks for you guys awesome tip on how to do it. If I video making some, I will give you guys the shout out!


  22. nice work again Hollie 🙂

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