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Super Tasty BEER INFUSED FOOD + Craft Beer Tasting | Hollywood, Florida

I recently went on a Super Tasty BEER INFUSED FOOD and Craft Beer Tasting in Hollywood, Florida with my friends at Hollywood Brewery. The beer infused food and the craft beers are amazing!

Hollywood Brewery: http://hollywood.beer/

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Our first stop was the production facility where Irina gave me a tour of the brewery and we also tried a handful of beers directly from the fermenting tanks which is unheard of in the beer world.

We tried all of these beers:
-Local Only Lager
-Fresh Hop Pilsner
-Brew Hefner Bavaian Wheat
-Roadhead Session IPA
-Bushka Stout

From there we drove over to their BrewPub to try some beer infused food and some more craft beers. The BrewPub is located right on the white sandy beach of Hollywood Beach, Florida.

Here are all the beers and food we tried:
-Ho-Be Amber Lager
-Limon Lager
-Pale Ale
-Mango IPA
-Russian Borsh Soup
-Brewmaster Burger
-Avocado Egg Roll
-Grill Lamb Kabobs

All the beers and food were delicious but the winners for me were the Bushka Stout and the Avocado Egg Rolls. They were both absolutely delicious!

I hope you loved this Super Tasty Beer Infused Food and Craft Beer Tasting with Hollywood Brewery! If you loved this video please give it a thumbs up, comment and subscribe to my channel for non-stop travel content!

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  1. Davidsbeenhere

    Hi everyone! I am back in Miami (my home) and I am going to be making a ton of food videos of South Florida! I teamed up with friends at Hollywood Brewing to show you what beer infused food is all about: http://www.hollywood.beer/ Thank you for watching this video! If you're new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/DBH-SUB for new travel content every week! Also follow me on Instagram to get live updates: instagram.com/davidsbeenhere

  2. If ever there would be a nuclear war, I want to go hide in there.

  3. Belgium ale is my favorite. Too bad they didn’t have that. Fyi. That girl was totally hitting on you. Lol

  4. Love you bro from Pakistan 🇵🇰 keep it up

  5. Natsume Yuujinchou

    Have you been to Orlando, Florida? Are there street food in Miami?

  6. Brandon Moore

    Aw man, I feel like I would go crazy over those avocado egg rolls. They look so good! I'm also a big fan of portabello mushrooms on pretty much any kind of burger, so that sounded incredible as well. Love your aerial shots of Miami, too. What a gorgeous city!

  7. Obey your Thirst…

  8. mr. pickle cucumber

    you gotta goto joes.. an puerto sagua. mahalos

  9. Wouter Veraart

    Cool place! Looks very similar to the brewery I worked at in The Netherlands. Same concept.

  10. This is the best beer review ever david

  11. I can only dream about HOLLYWOOD…. WOW!!!!!

  12. You should an Asian food tour in North Miami Beach. Authentic Chinese food & region specific.

  13. Hollywood Brewing Company

    David this is super! Thank you for this amazing collaboration!! It was ultra fun spending the day with you and we're so glad you loved our #HollywoodBrew! You're always welcome back and we wish you the best in all of your explorations. Your support of local businesses is very transparent and deeply appreciated. Cheers!

  14. I'm kinda feeling tipsy while watching.hehe just kidding.this is an awesome video.love it.

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  19. Awesome, most satisfying video. I am craving for some beer now.

  20. Joylane Jereza

    Thank you so much David for this amazing content ur vlogs super tasty beer Infused /craft beer tasting you give me a good idea which one the very tasty beer now know for ur vlogs big help for me that's is a good experience to see actual how to make any kinds of beer's. I love to drinks beer. Hehe.
    Thnks Davidsbeenhere for awesome vlogs to share with us. 😘 😊 🍺🍻👍👍👍👍

  21. Beautiful beer and food… I keep saying this but you people in Miami are so spoilt it's not funny. Great video David 🙂

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    You are lucky person in the world tasting all food around the world ,😍😍😍

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