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Craft Beer 101

The purpose of this class is to lay down a foundational knowledge of beer styles and how to enjoy them. Eight beer styles from around the world will be sampled while the history of beer and the brewing process is explained. After this class you will have an educated appreciation ...

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Walk around Brno, food and beer

I think I managed to find a beer for 10czk. It’s Lauren’s birthday so why not visit the Czech Republic? I thought it was fitting to accompany the video with a song from one of the most famous Czech composers… Antonín Dvořák. It was all ruined by Dan’s fart. The ...

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Christmas Recipes: Mulled Beer

We’ve all heard about mulled wine, but what about mulled beer? Well, actually it’s fantastic! You have to try it ASAP! And in time for Christmas of course. What better than beer that keeps you warm? Go ahead! READ MORE: https://funifi.com/blog/this-easy-mulled-beer-recipe-will-warm-up-your-cold-winter-days-video/

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