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Sweet Potato Vodka: America’s Heartland

The Sousa family raises lots of conventional crops on the Central California farm. But they decided to try something different and began raising sweet potatoes to turn into a special kind of vodka. source

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How to shrink top cap on a wine bottle

How to shrink a cover to the top of your home made wine bottle to make it look good. source

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Homemade Crusher Destemmer for Grapes (Very Easy!) Home Winemaking

When you don’t have an expensive crusher destemmer, try the ultimate secret trick… a milk crate! With this setup I was able to crush and destem about 200lbs of grapes in roughly 30 minutes. source

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Using Your Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter

Learn how to filter your wine perfectly every time with the Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter. Step-by-step instructions to help you achieve brillance, sparkle and a wine you will be proud to… source

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Convert Beer System to Soda Pop Dispenser using Syrup and re-tasked Keg where no Water Supply exists

Convert (or add) a soda dispenser anywhere, even if there is no on-site water supply, by using normal beer system or “Kegerator” parts. Can work with any brand of syrup and any flavor. Saves… source

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Basics of Home Brewing: What is a liquid crystal thermometer?

Pick one up from my shop! http://www.biyhomebrewsupply.com/products/allalqcthrm A liquid crystal thermometer is very similar to a regular thermometer, except for the unique characteristic… source

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