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Taking the Cisno Portable Espresso Machine Backpacking

Cisno sent me their portable espresso machine as they knew I backpacked and they thought is would be great to add to the kit. Of course it is added weight and the lightweight backpackers will not be interested, but I know plenty of backpackers that bring bottles of wine, or a bunch of beer on trips and this unit is lighter than those. I use Seal Pods which are reuseable and premake some pods for the trip. Plus I can make more on the trip as they only need the stickers to create.

Seal Pods https://goo.gl/2z69kz

Using any temperature water, your own coffee grounds, and power from a car adapter, or rechargeable battery, it heats your water to espresso brewing temperatures and brews fresh espresso. Using room temperature water to boil, hold the button for 2 seconds to heat; Using boiled water, hold it for 5 seconds to pump coffee directly. Maximum water cavity capacity: 50ml and espresso shot: 40-45ml

It produce 15 Bar pressure and creates an espresso shot which I find is plenty and woke me up fine.

CISNO cordless espresso maker can be powered by 12V car charger. Whether you’re a frequent road tripper, a camper, or you make your living on the road, the portable travel coffee makers works equally well at making straight-up espresso and are the right fit for taking your coffee truly to go

With streamlined and compact design, it can be placed in easily in a cup holder or bottle holder in a backpack so it will be your perfect addition when you have outdoor actions, such as hiking camping fishing hunting etc.

Must know before your first brew
Only use genuine OriginalLine Nespresso capsules instead of compatible ones. Piercing needles would not puncture the foil quite enough if you use other brand’s pod. What’s worse, it may bend needles.

If you want to use your own grind coffee, a reusable stainless pod is required(e.g. SealPod)

To get warmer coffee, please run this machine using hot water without a capsule inserted to pre-heat the unit.

To speed up the process, please use boiled water to make espresso as far as possible when you are indoors.

15 Bar Pressure , During infusion pump pressure:12-8 bars
1.35oz Standard Espresso Shot

Compact & Travel-friendly

Automatically pump

Two Charging Methods

All-in-One Solution

80+ Cups per Charge(using hot water to instantly brew)

3 Cups per Charge(using room temperature to heat)

Water reservoir capacity: 50ml

Lithium battery: 28.86WH

Total voltage: 11.1V

Capacity of drinking cup: 200ml

Effective length of power cable: 1500mm

Dimension: 3.2*3.0*9.9 inch(L x W x H)


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