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TASTING CROATIAN FOOD, BEER & COFFEE | Strukli in Zagreb | Croatia Travel Vlog

In Zagreb we taste Croatian food, beer & coffee and review the best dishes in Croatia. Strukli is our go to food choice in Zagreb…⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇ Learn to travel full-time: http://bit.ly/2PjaPey

People told us Croatian cuisine was amazing and we’d have to hunt out some food very quickly, in particular Strukli while in Zagreb. Our Airbnb host explained about Zagorski Štrukli, which is from/famous in Zagreb, and why the dish should be high on our list of the best food to try in Croatia. Should note, it’s proper spelling is Zagorski Štrukli which we struggled a little to pronounce, sorry!

We got a taste for Strukli as well as some local craft beer and coffee that was roasted in the region. Safe to say that every bit of the Croatian cuisine we experienced in this travel vlog was top notch!

So maybe it’s true, maybe the food in Croatia is some of the best in the world. Watch the vlog to see what we think on the dishes we try and how we rate our experience in Zagreb hinting out the best we can find.

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  1. Daneger and Stacey

    New here? We've got lots more to share from Croatia, be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to watch along: https://goo.gl/SWdJQH
    PS: 12:20 is the real highlight of this one 🤣

  2. If you want hot cofee you must say it

  3. Zagreb actually now has the most tourist in Croatia per year, it is however a year round destination so the crowds are more spread out and in the summer a huge number of the locals are actually on the Croatian coast which has its peak tourist season during the summer months due to the beaches etc and the town are smaller so seem more populated. Croatia has so much to see and so many sites whereas most people that go to Hungary and the Czech republic concentrate on Prague and Budapest. As an Aussie I have to say Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I have seen most of Europe and Asia.make sure you go to the Plitvice Lakes near Zagreb..eight hours of lakes and waterfall and one of the most gorgeous places in the world.Also towns of Sibenik, Split, one of the islands like Hvar and obviously you cant miss Game of Thrones land…Dubrovnik. Croatia is an absolute gem

  4. Dani Martinčić

    Glad you loved the city. The štrukli are my all time favourite meal in Zagreb…I could eat it every single day. Next time you are in ZG, stop by to a place called Samobor ( it is quite near Zg) and try their speciality – Kremšnita (very creamy cake)

  5. oh G i really like this video since you have coffee lol just kidding 🙂 <3

  6. Miralem Rasidovic-Croatia

    nice , regards from croatia,nice you like it

  7. As always, a perfect blend of feel good factor while keeping it real in this vlog. A colleague of mine has just returned from a train based tour of that part of Europe including Zagreb. He is giving it rave reviews too. All power to latte drinkers (my favourite caffeine fix) and so true about the temperature of coffee and tea served in Europe. In India, we found tea and coffee was always served piping hot – and Indian masala chai is something to dream of!

  8. You guys look so happy to be there. Can't wait to see more!

  9. Heat affects the flavour of the coffee. this is why most of of them are not very hot but that should be the same everywhere not just in europe. Anyways, your trips are amazing

  10. If you get time I highly recommend trogir and the kastelas. That's south of trogir heading to split. Well worth a few hours wandering. It's beautiful and quiet and not very touristy.

  11. Goofy, but fun. Take care you too!

  12. This video has me so desperately wanting to book flights but I have to start back at uni in 2 weeks💔💔

  13. by the way to Split, you can find Krka National Park, this is river in Dalmatia hence you can find many places just there like old romans Burnum ruins, Visovac Monastery on lake/island and great waterfalls and nature closer to the sea known as Skradinski Buk.

  14. Where's next after Croaia??

  15. Hi. I'm from Croatia so I can recommned few spots around you. Since you are in Zagreb you can go on Sljeme mountain above it. There is a small castle called Medvedgrad (interesting legend) or you can go on peak Sljeme where people of Zagreb like to go on weekends (also on weekend you can go in nearby town called Samobor – 20km away).
    Also in the middle of the week is better to go maybe in Maksimir park (nice walking and has a ZOO inside of it).
    If you rent a car again 🙂 you can go northwest to Varaždin town and to Trakošćan castle (there are few castles in that part of country but this is the best one by my opinion).

  16. Delightful Travellers

    We stopped in that craft beer place as well. We thought the same exact thing about how there are tourists… but it's not hectic (Prague is a great example as you said). We really loved Zagreb! – Trevor

  17. My mom makes me strukli soup cause I love it so much (one of my favourite comfort foods). I was so happy to see you try the baked strukli cause I never knew that existed! Going to have to look into that!

  18. Loving these Croatia videos!! Do you tend to work from your airbnbs or having you tried any coworking spaces?

  19. Greetings to our Slavic brothers from Poland! great video as always!

  20. Croatia looks amazing and foods!😎

  21. So good, you guys!! 😍🥂💯🎉

  22. greeting from croatiaa💕💕💕💕

  23. @ Daneger and Stacey – at the place you had beer you can also have pretty good meals. but you , pretty much, can't miss with any restaurant in center of Zagreb. if you are up for burgers, try them at Submarine in Frankopanska street, if you want sweets try "Torte i to" at Teslina.

  24. Chef Rafi's Awesome World

    Yes! Love local food videos!! 👍

  25. "Zagorski Štrukli" in all vays, are our specialty. To me they are so good, that I could eat it almost every day. The beers you drank are the best in Croatia, there is no better than that.

  26. Joferson Balmonte

    Happy 200th Episode Daneger and Stacy! 🍻 I always feel excited everytime I see a notification for your new video. I really feel like I'm there walking around the city with you guys! I'm glad I subscribed to your channel since Boracay PH episode! Cheers for the next 200 episodes and beyond! 🍻👍

  27. Boo Fermin Recluta

    in your intro dane..im feeling your kinda little bit dizzy in your eyes..hahaha just kidding..miss your vlog

  28. We stayed at the Hotel Dubrovnik just a block from where you are!

  29. We're going to Zagreb next summer!

  30. Dolac is wonderful!

  31. Goooood morningggggggg!!! Happy to start my day with a vlog from you two – after the vlog from Josh and Ashley, hehehe! 🙂

  32. You can do a differences of beer tour. I'm not a beer drinker, now I'm game on trying doing a tour or tasting to try the different styles.

  33. Local food and craft beer- sounds fantastic. Thank you for the video 😉

  34. Katarzyna Czekała

    Yummm looks delicious! 😀

  35. that was a little bit cheesy episode, nice as you guys

  36. Are you a full time traveler? If not, what do u do for a living? 😍😍Btw i love this channel

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