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  1. Fake it was a bro you can do ya

  2. gaming greninja 45216

    let me get it boneless

  3. Am i the only one here who watches this and not doing it?

  4. Roy Mustang Ackerman


  5. Oyindamola Sanni

    can u make and deliver to my house.will send adress

  6. Alakajam Jumanji

    Honey in chicken yak….!!!!

  7. Tbh I had no clue what white pepper was until I watched tasty a lot

  8. The music reminds me of SpongeBob's when worlds collide

  9. I just tried the orange chicken and it was amazing. I am defiantly doing this recipe again

  10. Wow…yummy….

  11. Oscar Rasmussen


  12. Nhan Tranvannhan

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  13. No ham

  14. Half of these aren’t fried chicken

  15. Worst torture is when you watch it and you can't make it

  16. korean style😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 it's so tasty. I love it!

  17. Priyanka Estar


  18. Can't wait to try it

  19. what is the ranch packet? Can I get any other substitute for it in india?

  20. Makes me hate the fried chicken I just ate for lunch. It was shit

  21. 😋😋😋😋

  22. We just going to ignore the fact that they doing way to much fried chicken literally not that hard flour season salt grease


  24. BushTube /Vlogs an gaming

    Tasty can I ever meet you in person ;-;

  25. 한국치킨이 맛있는이유

  26. haha you didn't get a cookie Lanik

    My secret recipe is to drive to the nearest KFC


    Wow is so yummy

  28. AgusteenD V.B Rose

    I find myself binge watching Tasty videos the most when I’m fasting. It makes no sense

  29. Blankets In The Rain

    Cravings… 😬

  30. Animus Nocendi

    Fuck you now I'm hungry.

  31. I have7 Bias in BTS

    The only fried chicken I ever tasted is the simple one.
    Chicken + flour+salt and pepper

  32. Who else just can make 4:35 food

  33. How to make perfect cheese sausej

  34. Syukri _001010

    what about mcdonald recipes?

  35. y u don't put salt

  36. I personally love the korean style the most 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. The first one look's tasty

  38. dont put honey🤢

  39. The order when I came to a restaurant

  40. awesome gamer243


  41. jyotirmoy banerjee

    First one is superb except honey

  42. Hallyshey Shey

    Does it have to be buttermilk?

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