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The 5th Ingredient – Beer30 Software Demo – V4.1

For details on getting a free trial for your brewery, please reach out to pka@the5thingredient.com and visit the website: https://www.the5thingredient.com/

This is a demo of The 5th Ingredient’s Beer30 Software, which transforms user-inputted data into real time information.

Benefits include:
– Remove paper logs + spreadsheets by using an all-in-one tool.
– Increase capacity WITHOUT buying new tanks or adding equipment by focusing on process optimization.
– Lower production costs with complete real-time visibility of every stage of the beer cycle: Brew, Ferment, Filter, BBT, Package, Inventory.
– Ensure consistent quality by assessing trends and data for each batch brewed.
– Track every production run to diagnose issues that may come up with the field quality team and vendors / bars / distributors.
– Track distribution using Google Maps
– No startup costs, time, or fees. Begin using the software immediately, with a free trial.

Cheers and beers!


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