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The DIVERS Who Don’t Score Anything / Root Beer Float Candles! *The Musical*

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  1. My name is Chris and this is Hollie.
    And there is Melanie and Ellion.
    We are the divers who don’t score anything.
    But we will take it if it ain’t nailed down.

    We are the divers who don’t score anything.
    We just sit here and drive around.
    If you ask us if we scored anything.
    We’ll tell you “NO” cause it’s been found.

    So if you liked this give it a big thumbs up.
    If you didn’t well that’s okay.
    Cause we’re the divers who don’t score anything.
    Mind your own business and go away.

    We are the divers……

  2. Hollie. Try. Candle of the month birth flowers scent of the month
    Like may is lily of the valley flower scents and green emeralds birthstones
    Example a green candle with the scent of lily of the valley scented candles

  3. You can use for grocery list. To do list. Scrap paper.

  4. Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell

    Mother Daughter Son Trio onsombo.

  5. It’s a hit!


  6. bikendobie momma

    So sweet let him play in the puddles!! Go and join him. have fun with your little man. Before you know it he will be 10. Telling he going to his friends house.these days will be gone!

  7. Yay! So happy to see Ellion wearing his “Big Kahuna” shirt. Great candle score ladies. Love to hear you sing Mele-mele! Did y’all see that the color black is Ele ele? Mel you should look up your names in Hawaiian, mine is Kona (like coffee which makes me happy!).

  8. I found three of those date book carrying cases like you found and Chris wanted it, they are really nice oh and Lilly said she loved your song.

  9. Mark Preudhomme

    Oh great now that song is going to be stuck in my head the rest of the day. 🙂

  10. I loved how Ellion joined in with your singing.

  11. Run Ellion they said bath run

  12. Chris will never let you out unsupervised again!

  13. You guyz are a hoot!!! Glad you scored some yummy candles. My blood pressure goes up every time you touch glass Hollie lmao……Loved this video peeps!!! I didn't get a notification and just happened to see it, I was like omg I almost missed it "). Its like crack man. Even though I have never touched the stuff lol. Ellion was so dang cute playing in the puddles. Good to see. Have a good night guyz. 🙂 Bye bye balloon 🙂

  14. Thrift stores sometimes have old root beer glasses or old soda fountain glasses–they would make great containers for your vanilla etc candles

  15. Love the vid keep up the Allsum content.

  16. only Chris can do a smooth video recording ahahaha…:)

  17. Beverly Thomas

    Great candle score!

  18. Maggie Buchanan

    Good candle score ! Glad you found a few good things for your trouble. Sorry Ellion's balloon escaped……now it really is a Twinkle Twinkle little star up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky….lol Looks like a day of girl fun!

  19. Fantastic candle score ladies. Love your little song, lol. Awww lil' Ellion lost his balloon 🎈 he too k well 💕. Take care of yourselves.

  20. Hay Girls look like you are having fun. Awesome find on candles.

  21. Sounds like you have a new theme song. Elion is the only one in tune…. Lol
    When he was walking down the street was hilarious. He has had it he outta here.. Omg I'm still laughing.

  22. Glad to see you guys back dumpster diving miss you

  23. Eagleeyeshopper1

    Your 567 👍 like. Great scores ladies!!!🙌🙌👍👍

  24. maybe that other lady was just tossing away some trash or her kids dirty diper ( didnt want to smell the diper all the way home in her car lol ) not diving


    Love your videos love the candles

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