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The Perfect Beer | National Geographic

Malt, barley, hops, and yeast are mixed together at the brewery to make the perfect pint.
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The Perfect Beer | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. so the CO2 is added right at the tap?

  2. Watch the numerical way to get the same result!


  3. Steam Whistle is shit

  4. Joshua Diggins

    come to Ireland and taste a real bear such as Guinness

  5. The perfect mix of chemicals

  6. maybe so, but let me tell u brother that the people I know who are "experts" on beer, are or were at some point some damm drunks. even if u spit it out, enough "tasting" will get u wasted and whos gonna tell these guys anything? as long as they dont start throwing bottles and start picking fights all drunk, nobody will tell them anything

  7. haha….the rest of the world agrees…….the pefect beer is not made in america!
    im yet to taste any beer from there that more than resembles cats piss!
    its watery, tasteless and way too low in acohole to be considered anything less 😉

  8. Cipralex Lucaci

    Why would you watch this? Just drink the shit,don't ask so many questions !!!

  9. So how wet is the water?

  10. note to self. Use moar yeast

  11. It goes into the WET Water?

  12. Craft beer is the best1

  13. I'm drunk

  14. This is a national geographic?

  15. Barley is god's gift to humans.

  16. Wouldn't that burn?

  17. Oh, I thought It said perfect bear

  18. Didn't know water was very wet

  19. friendlymicrowave

    or opposed to dry grain, smart ass

  20. the perfect beer is an open one!

  21. forgive him.. he's drunk

  22. You now know how beer factories go through the process of making artificial piss.

  23. 240p, I believe we've met before…

  24. Starch turns into sugars..? Starch is already complex Sugar!

  25. 2:42 he sounds retarded…

  26. MrTacticalinuit

    that guy with the mustache was so badass: so basically its like having coffe and adding water till its like drinkabel….

  27. kord'l mitchell

    (all joking aside) dont they spit it out after they taste it?

  28. SidewaysInTraffic


  29. Damn i'm dumb I thought it said bear lol.

  30. no they dont…….ok yeah they do.lol

  31. jojowiewerjojo

    so it's like drinkable xD

  32. FusionKiller21

    Lol i love how a Miller commercial popped up before this xD

  33. They spitt the product out, they can't get wasted that way.

  34. give me your password..i just wanna borrow it

  35. yay i lernded sumthin!

  36. I pee beer!

  37. Because beer makes all of them more interesting maybe?

  38. no such thing as "perfect" beer!

  39. Spencer Jacobsen

    quite contrary, they actually spit it out after they taste it.

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