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The Philosophy of Champagne

Champagne is a celebration, it's a toast, and it's the way to bring in the New Year with good cheer. This form of sparkling wine is the abundance of choice for our most joyous occasions, and our most formal ceremonies. So, how did this bubbly brew get to have such a place of honor and dignity in human society?

Part of the reason for champagne's upscale reputation is that the nature of the liquid itself is festive. Store under high pressure, the bottle opens slowly, with someone teasing the cork from the head of the bottle slowly. Even as they do anticipation arises in the room as everyone waits with bated breath for that one, loud, POP, that burst of sound that signals that the party is ready to begin. This is often followed by a spray of foam as it quickly accelerates from the body of the bottle

Then, when you put the champagne to your lips, it's like the liquid is actually dancing on your tongue. A thousand tiny explosions of flavor pop in your mouth, until it almost notices alive inside of you; alive and ready to party.

There is another reason that Champagne is associated so heavily with celebrations. Its relatively expensive. The only liquid that can actually be legally labeled as "champagne" has to be made in the Champagne region of France. All other forms of champagne are technically sparkling wine. Because of the limited amount of the beverage which can be produced in this one region, it is priced higher. The higher price makes it a "special occasion" beverage.

This perception of being "special" and "celebratory" is one which champagne makers do their best to preserve. That is why the law exists determining who can and can not name their product using that specific label. It is also why millions of dollars are spent each year to hold contests to see who makes the absolute best champagne in the world.

Champagne is a festive beverage that naturally excites all five of the senses. This combined with a perception as being special, have combined to make this one of our most celebrated celebratory drinks.

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