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The Real Reason Budweiser Is Bombing

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Budweiser has been quenching the thirst of loyal customers since the 1800s. But while Budweiser was once America’s favorite beer, the so-called King of Beers has actually slipped in popularity in recent years, dropping down to fourth place in sales. So why is their status tanking? Here’s a look at the real reason Budweiser is bombing…

Blame light beer | 0:18
Blame millennials | 0:48
Blame craft beer | 1:41
Blame bad ads | 2:31
Blame acts of god | 3:49

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  1. If you had the choice between Budweiser and anything else, what ya drinkin'?

  2. Millennials…a brand doesn't change shit for decades and it's our fault.

  3. Mead is were it's at.

  4. Hahaha maybe in usa is bombing because czechs cut you off … Thats the reason it went down

  5. Eric Fresh Vagina

    I'll stick my Alpine and Moosehead! Maritime proud

  6. No to beer. I like my health.

  7. darold zimmerman

    Wow, nothing about the nfl boycott of sponsors 🤔😎🇺🇸

  8. Any Miller Genuine Draft fans here

  9. bradybrapples

    nobody owes you sales, budweiser

  10. Straight out of Stockton

    Because it sucks so does bud light lol fuckin nasty

  11. im 21, i drink vodka and whiskey and wine and brandy, fucking beer makes my stomach sick …but fuckinh vodka makes me strong so idk :v….and i also hate beer cuz its just water haha xD

  12. ALL Beers Coors, Miller, Bud, etc have GMO's, These beers destined for EU have NO GMO's.
    Where is BUDs Head Quarters ? MILLERS ?

  13. Yuengling is the best


    Light no calorie beers and wine are for pussies and fags. I'll always have my bud.

  15. Irish Englishman

    It's obviously because the budweiser frogs are no longer on TV.

    RIP budweiser frogs :'(

  16. So, Budwieser is getting beat by Budwieser Light?

  17. animangafan342

    Damn. That last statement about water was a burn.
    Anyway, the dog and Clydesdale commercials are the best.

  18. Vjvjdufkoofrtggi Cgjcdwwrgxukbj

    How does piss water light shit beer even make the top 10

  19. Budweiser is the lowest tier of trash you can possibly drink, Sam Adams is a million times better.

  20. In new York it's coronas all day bitch!

  21. EveryDaySlacker

    I'm 25 years old and all I ever wanna drink is budweiser..

  22. Jordan Gaffney

    I'm from the UK and Budweiser is just awful

  23. Better beers cost the same price. Buy Shiner!

  24. Probably because it sucks and there's about 50,000 better beer options

  25. I buy carona.

  26. we tried, it just suck

  27. You need a video for this.

  28. lol Busch beer ROCKS

  29. Hurricane category five fucking Dez shit

  30. It's water

  31. I used to drink Budweiser but every time it makes me take a sh🤬it !!! I think is the gmo s that they use.

  32. Bitches pls… drink corona 👑

  33. Edward Oberon

    Because Budweiser is shit??? Simple.

  34. stickfigure27

    Damn. Was the shade necessary at the end?

  35. Budweiser is shit American beer in general is shit #facts

  36. Bud just needs to get the absolute worst reputation then hipsters will start drinking it ironically.


    Dilly Dilly?!!!!! The worst catch phrase EVER!!!!!!!:/:/:/
    And the Beer just plain SUX!!!!!!!

  38. I drink Budweiser and I’m 24

  39. I'm 42 years old and had my first Budweiser in 1993 back then as a child drinking my first beer I thought it was disgusting and that has not changed in the past 20 something odd years.

  40. Because Budweiser is garbage.

  41. Budweiser is like having sex on a boat because it's fucking near water.

  42. Justin Osborne

    I don’t get. Budweiser taste better.

  43. It’s gross…saved you all 4 minutes

  44. Haha Budweiser is it still the 90s somewhere!

  45. It's another thing that "millenials are killing" like Applebees, it deserves to die.

  46. Lmao American light beer is hilarious. Sparkling water lol. Glad to see America is eventually getting into craft beer, better late than never

  47. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    Dog piss is tastier and stronger than American beer.

  48. Carlos Alvarez

    Budweiser is bombing because it taste like ratt piss

  49. EVERYTHING AB makes has that basic same shitty after taste maybe they should go back to the older formula from the late 80s to early 90s oh wait that would cost a extra few cents…smh

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