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This Is Beer Ramen

Yuu Japanese Tapas in British Columbia, Canada doesn’t actually serve ramen in beer, but it sure looks like it. The dish is actually ramen noodles in a chilled bonito broth. The restaurant also serves other fun foods like Hurricane Popcorn Chicken and Squid Ink Ramen.

For more from Yuu Japanese Tapas, visit: http://www.yuutapas.com/


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  1. Only asian people, racist.

  2. That .. ew

  3. Looks like jars of preserved worms in laboratory

  4. It looks like parasites

  5. hafiz_ridzuan harun

    beer is not good to health Plus ramen

  6. did so drunk guy invented that?

  7. xXDor1ToezXx - R -

    That's nastyyyyy 😛

  8. Sonic The Irish Neko Demon

    say what?

  9. It was like you put your semen in an oil

  10. A little bit disgusting to me

  11. Tae's tummy enthusiast

    It's so cool

  12. looksgross

  13. PodzhiGames Podzhigatel Plays

    What has humanity come to.

  14. I don't want cold noodles…

  15. That looks so gross

  16. No time to get high #metoo

  17. Next : Mushroom salad served in an old boot found in a dumpster

  18. Wtf lol


  20. Xuân Hoàn Nguyễn

    Excuse me ! The guy is so hot

  21. What will be next? Beer rice?

  22. 200IQ BEER RAMEN

  23. gabriel micellester

    what’s next???? a cola ramen????

  24. I think it will taste horrible.. 😵

  25. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  26. Lol they just served it in a beer bottle

  27. Next video this beer served in a bowl

  28. makes me wanna puke

  29. "It's disgusting, why ramen served in a bee- wait a minute"

  30. i was smiling because i just saw a goofy video about the Yakuza games and i saw this and instantly frowned

  31. This is so cool, looks good, I wonder how it tastes like.

  32. I feel like they ran out of bowls so they use beer glasses. Cool i like weird unique styles of dishes. During college i cook noodles in a cup.

  33. Unbelievable 😱

  34. No time to drink and eat now I’m just Going to down me a beer 🍜🍺

  35. It looks gross for me

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