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Top 5 Beers to Try This Christmas

Whether you're entertaining or just pleasing yourself this year, we have one message and one message alone – do not skimp on quality. A lot of the bees we regularly drink are considered bland, so why not indulge in something with a little more body this Christmas and celebrate in style. We have a range of beers that will not only give you a delicious end to Christmas day, they'll also help you see out the new year in style. Great for treating yourself, or to impress any friends and family that might be staying over, here are five beers to look for suitable for a special occasion.

Go anywhere in China and have a beer and it's pretty much assured that the Beer of choice is this delicious and light number. Tsingtao is a very light tasting, extremely refreshing beer that does not rest heavy making it exceptionally palatable, even for the non beer drinker, and incredibly moreish. Perfect for a session drink, once you have tried it you will not look back. And, more than that, most carriers of this delicious beer stock the larger in 640ml bottles – meaning you get much more for your money.

If you're lucky, you'll find Castle beer on draft. Fresh from South Africa, you can still find some pubs that sell it as a draft beer though it's probably unbelievably your local pub will have this delicious beverage on offer unless you live in one of the larger cities within the UK. Hunt it down whether its bottled or from the tap and you will not be disappointed. Another heavyweight great that you must try at least once, if you have not already given it a go.

Listen to an Aussie, and you'll soon realize that Crown is considered one of the nation's premier beers. A lot of Aussies will regularly drink Toohey's or VB, however Crown is the lager they save for special occasions. Often compared as Australia's equivalent of Budweiser, this earthy yet surprisingly light beer would grace the table as a welcome addition for any lager connoisseur.

Frulli is probably the most common fruity beer available in the UK, but its criticism comes with the fact it is so sweet, so full of fruit, you can barely taste the beer behind it. It is quite sickly. Not Liefmans cherry beer. The taste of cherry is a much more appealing fruit to use as it has slightly bitter notes that do not completely drown out that hoppy beer flavor. What's more – it does not drown your stomach in syrupy sweet richness, so with Liefmans you're likely to be able to handle more than one without being upset.

Tiger Beer
Enjoyed in Indian restaurants and now commonly available in most major supermarkets, Tiger (not to be confused with Everard's fantastic Tiger Bitter) is an Indian lager, best served ice cold. Its increasing popularity has been backed by the major supermarkets, making this more than a niche foreign beer. If you have not had a taste yet, give it a go. It's certainly much better than a lot of offerings most likely to be passed around the table this year.

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