It was our first visit to Johor state and to Johor Bahru. When travelling around Malaysia we always try to find the “must try” foods whenever we enter a new state and this trip was no different.

Hiap Joo Bakery – Banana Cake
13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor

Murtabak Majid Special Cheese No. 1
No. 38 Lot 5581, Jalan Kurniawan, Kampung Kurnia, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor

Chaiwalla & Co. Container Cafe
36, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru


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  1. Your "Murtabak" pronunciation is perfect!😯😯😮 and good luck to England tonight against croatia😎

  2. Another fun video. The murtabak you ate was actually mutton because the guy who took your order said daging ayam, kambing? Kambing is mutton. Daging in general means meat so he meant chicken meat or goat meat? Although a lot of times daging is used to just mean beef hence the confusion.

  3. dat headbang tho lol

  4. KANE!!!!!!

  5. omg you're going to johor bahru! around 2 hours to my place! anyway WELCOME TO JOHOR BAHRU BABIES!

  6. Hope you had a good time in my home state. Aaa I miss JB so much. Have fun in Singapore

  7. Just a piece of idea. Based on my analysis, your view is greater when you put the word tourists in your vlogs’ title. Hope that’s work as you both are working so hard to entertain your subscribers!! All the best girls!,

  8. England will lose croatia will win

  9. ツSimpsonsSupreme

    Love You

  10. ツSimpsonsSupreme

    Love You

  11. Wow!! you're in Johor! Johor or Jauhar means "jewel".Go to Tasik Merdeka, there a nice English style cafe in the middle of the park called "littleearthku". The owner,Kak Boon baked a very delicious pies,scones,cakes. You could visit her in instagram.

  12. Khawaja Ramzee

    I believe that Johor Bahru is an industrial city, perhaps that is the reason that they close early. Great work to show us bakery founded in 1919, that is the real fun, you explore some hidden gem and then you enjoy the beauty of the gem, in this case taste of the cake.

  13. Sadly as a malaysia I havent had the chance to try those murtabak cheese! I got to try those if I head to Johor one day!

    Can I ask what do you mean at 12.20 ? Do u guys speak any other languages besides english?

    Anw, I’m hoping England can see France in the final ! Football’sComingHome

  14. Syafiq Scelcedo

    Welcome to johor bahru guys, plaese dont left johor bahru without try our food such as Laksa Johor, Kacang Pool, Otak-otak Kempas, Mee Bandung and many more, have fun in JB 💐

  15. hiya~local here~ if u guys do come to kuching n into good food>>>> dont forget to try :
    1) our famous fast food restaurant called "Sugar Bun"~
    2) Kuah Lapis (cake lapis)~
    3) the best(with big prawns) sarawak laksa at 3rd mile kuching the cafe call Golden Arch Cafe ~ (they open very early in the morning~u girls hv to be quick as the laksa finish easily~(lots of customers)
    4) SunnyHill ice cream opening hours: Saturday 7:30–10PM Sunday 8AM–10PM Monday 8AM–10PM Tuesday 8AM–10PM Wednesday 8AM–10PM Thursday 8AM–10PM Friday 8AM–3:30PM its not far away from Golden Arch Cafe. u can actually walk from Golden Arch Cafe~
    5) Tomato Noodles (theres 3 types of noodles that u can choose but i prefer the crispy fried noodle)
    6) Belacan Beehon
    7) Kolo Mee (dont forget to ask them to 'put red'< pork fat syrup so that it will taste sweeter smell nicer)
    8) our ABC taste different too~u can choose either milk or coconut milk~our green rice flour jelly in cendol is bigger too compare with west Malaysia.
    9) kueh chap
    10) raja ayam penyek restaurant~i love their ayam penyek rice and their cheese pisang goreng.
    11) dont forget to try Midin(vegetable) that only can found in Sarawak~i think you girls can order it at Top Spot food court kuching at jalan padungan (5–11PM everyday) after ate ya dinner, dont forget to walk around the newly build Golden Bridge at the Waterfront.
    12) before u girls going back, dont forget to buy our famous Lee Fah Mee instant noodle~can buy it in almost all of the supermarket at here~ oh yah, can buy our local black or white pepper too~we got the best pepper at here~
    13) try to eat the famous Sago Worm (if u dare~haha)
    14) dont forget to try buns from All Joy Bakery (No 8, Khoo Hun Yeang Street, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak)
    15) actually theres more……haha~

    better try to use grab as its hard to get bus at here~ our largest shopping mall in Sarawak is situated at Kuching too~called Viva City Shopping Mall but of cause it is not as big as shopping malls at KL~ oh yah, dont forget to go to Wind Cafe and Fairy Cave ~both cave are near to each other~ theres a huge crocodile farm too (Jong Crocodile Farm) at 17 mile~

  16. Rozlan Zainal Abidin

    Hai I bat jastina will like carrot cake if you try it

  17. heading down to sg, ladies? I can show you around 😉
    oh my bad, so you've been to sg before lulz

  18. Crossing my fingers that England will be in the finals…..wuhoo!!😁

  19. d.j. mexecution

    how you going to dislike this video

  20. Negeri Sembilan (translated as "The Kingdom of the Nine", Negeri = State/Kingdom, Sembilan = Nine) is famous of their tradition, and it was feminist tradition in Malay culture in fact, they used to be practicing "Adat Pepatih", that is female oriented customs compared to other places that practiced "Adat Temenggong", the male oriented customs. (Adat = customs, tradition, Pepatih/Temenggong = the name/status of the person who establish it). They are quite hardcore following the old tradition, but today only few old folks who really practice it. The legend say the tradition started when a female bull saved the kingdom from destruction done by a dragon, all male warriors are defeated but this female bull show up and manage to kill the dragon, since then they respect women, and you can see in the women wear horns in their traditional attire. The state called "the Nine" because originally there was 9 tribes from Sumatra reside there.

    Other than that, the state is famous for it's Rendang, in fact it is the origin of that dish in the peninsular (in which come from Sumatra) and also famous for the traditional Caklempong music. try searching for the music, you guys will love it.

    Watch this

  21. If you change the title to "trying murtabak cheese" I believe your viewer will increase …people in Malaysia crazy about cheese …you can try roti canai cheese,nan cheese or burger bakar cheese aligot ( at Abang Burn Burger Bakar , B Point station in JB )

  22. Ahmad Mustaqim

    My favorite team always England! hope England can see France in Final!

  23. Chinese bakery or biscuits better then malay..

  24. johan iskandar

    So ladies!…. Welcome to Jay Bee!! 'First class…… Uptown…… All the way!!!…….. Have a blast during your brief stay here and see you in your next video….!!!

  25. camy kamaruddin


  26. Shah Riman Mohammad

    While both of you at Johor Bahru you must try eat Belangkas.

  27. Sharky Fernandez

    I have been waiting for this! At last…your vid for my fix! Hooray for England's win.. 🙂 I was chuffed too!
    Now….the thing with your vids is that I, a born and bred Malaysian have never tried some of the foods you've eaten. Never even heard of the banana bread or cheese murtabak in Johor :/ However, I may be travelling down South next month so now I know where to go! Nice video per usual! I really am happy people are treating you both well and hope the rest of your experience here is as good or even better. Have a good one you too!

  28. Yeayyy new video!

  29. Shahriman Shuib

    Nice video ladies! Murrrrrrrtabak….

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