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Uk Bottle digging derek gets a green top ginger beer a lovely amonia bottle & a portobello

bottle digging on a wet and windy day we get totaly soaked but it was worth it top finds out again green top j orr comrie ginger beer a portobello ginger beer and a household ammonia we will be going back to metal detecting again soon and searching for that history..

bottle digging uk scotland

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  1. Absolutely loved that day. Doesnt matter how heavy it rained it was all worth while to get goodies like that. Cheers Mark 👍👍

  2. this viper bites

    well done derek top class find love the ammonnia well found

  3. Well done its a cracker

  4. Great finds!

  5. Freezing and raining in August the night of summer, only in Scotland. Good digging gents

  6. The FightDoctor

    Lived the video, thanks for sharing

  7. That Ammonia is awesome! Tell Derek congrats on that ginger, great find.

  8. Ihor navigatorua

    Like !

  9. looks a bit cold and wet but some hot tea and some grub you will be good. Nice finds all in great nick.

  10. How big is your house? Mark your collections must drive the wife daft lmao.You guys work so hard out in all that rain, Iam glad that you get good things because I know from previous videos last week there were to tough hunts and no rewards .So a huge thanks for keeping those videos coming. G L.😁

  11. Some great finds amongst that lot, well done. H.H.

  12. gone detecting uk

    Yeah. Gingers n clotted cream m8 great green top
    Hard core in the rain
    Well done lads
    Walden serms to be
    Common pipe my intact
    Pipes waldens

  13. Great green top and lovely ammonia

  14. Smashing the greentops doon there magic 👍

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