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Understanding the Basics of Glycol Chillers & Power Packs

So, I see you are curious about glycol beer line chillers and glycol power packs. In this video, Rapids beer expert Ben discusses the basics of long draw beer systems and glycol coolers with us.

A glycol power pack is a piece of refrigeration equipment that cools the glycol and circulates it through trunkline along with your beer lines to your remote beer tower keeping the beer cold all along the way.

Ben and Paul go over the basic components of the Glycol chiller systems, and what to look for when making a purchase to ensure you have a unit big enough to accommodate your long draw needs.

You will learn how a commercial glycol beer chiller system works. In the video, we open up the Beer Chiller and take a look under the hood. We will show you the compressor, the glycol tank and how the refrigerant works to chill the glycol, which in turn works to keep your beer or beverage cold as it makes the trip from the cooler to the faucet.

We also take a look at the pump for the glycol, where and how the trunk line with the beer and glycol exit the chiller and how the glycol returns back to the chiller to get cooled once more. You will also learn what to consider when determing your beer chiller size and Trunk Line Run size needs.This video about long draw beer chillers will help you decide and determine what to look for when purchasing a commercial Power Pack Beer Chiller System.

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