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  1. AlwaysEating Death

    I can never half cook the pasta, they always get stuck together 🙁

  2. If you supplemented the pasta with zucchini it would also be low carb and keto! Great recipe Tasty!

  3. nope O'really

    I just made this and OMG it's delicious. I added some Tofurky Italian vegan sausage to the "meat" mixture and topped it with some Daiya vegan mozzarella shreds. Yum!

  4. You should do more vegan recipes. Thanks a lot.

  5. David Seymour Needs to make this

  6. Textured protein is the best choice for vegan lasagna

  7. Im eating it bruh…

  8. LotusFlowerBmb

    It didn't say those were vegan noodles… Because if they weren't, this entire recipe was pointless

  9. The Lasagna sheets have eggs in them, right?

  10. The Blue Donut

    Delicious! My family loves it! Thank you 😍

  11. Meat sauce without tomato? This is blasphemy

  12. Nanthitha Ravichandran


  13. Why did you cook an old boot and call it lasagne

  14. did anyone make this? i’m really curious about the taste

  15. JustSimply Marie

    This look so good.

  16. Ironically it feels like it lacks vegetables.

  17. That deffo didn’t deserve an oh yes

  18. Wouldn’t the “meat” be crunchy or would it not?


    Just add meat

  20. Foodynator - Food, Cakes, Desserts & more!

    I really like to watch these kind of vids ! <3

  21. When i first started to go vegan i felt fainty and nauseasous. Is that normal? Are there foods for beginners? Btw, i don't have any previous health problems.

  22. zomgseriosuly

    I thought lasagne was already vegan ?

  23. I would eat this, but I don't like nuts.

  24. This really doesn't look that appealing. But it's probably good!! I like all the ingredients!! Except maybe tofu? Never had it . Why no cheese?? Vegans can't eat cheese or dairy???

  25. This is insanely delicious. Like give this shit to anyone and they will love it.

  26. AnimalLifestyle

    Yum def going to make

  27. look like dog food

  28. Dominus Gaming

    Eww vegan food

  29. Kania Permata

    From what I know. The pasta isn't vegan. Made with eggs. Even though it comes in a dry package

  30. Lee Loves Food

    I think it's even better than the meat Lasagna 😛

  31. Try adding pumpkin and sweet potato to it👌

  32. wait on me everynight, sis. CLICKDAN

    Add vegan shredded cheese and it's good to go!

  33. I will rather kill myself before eat this piece of shit

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