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We Attended The Biggest Beer Festival In The World (Oktoberfest)

Welcome to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Where should we travel next?

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Beer And Bratwurst
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Schnitzels For Baby
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Oktoberfest Icons Set
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Greek, German and European Union Flags
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Herbert Biste

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  1. The video should be titled "How to kill yourself way 56"

  2. Larry Johnston

    The pretzels are meant to soak up the alcohol so you can drink longer!!

  3. Yb is sooo kawaii!

  4. 0:28 looks like a porno to me…

  5. She is pretty nice ^^

  6. Is funny how BuzzFeed is at the helm when it comes to attacking " Whiteness" and yet here they are enjoying very much of the Oktoberfest which guess what is a white culture celebration. And yet they push the guilt to white people in their other videos. Oh and this asian lady in the video won't mind screaming racism when she gets back to america yet dyes her hair blonde how hypocrite of her. Is like this channel wants to erase there was ever white people and white culture in the world. This is an Asian speaking out here who is just sick of the two-face colors people in the US potrays to whites there and everywhere. I mean if you despise so much of whiteness why live in a place majority who are whites? I'll gladly switch with you colors people in the US as I would admit and embrace whiteness. Anyone willing to give their spot in the US and move to an asian country? Didn't think so.

  7. Is she still alive?

  8. The Ladyblog_0306

    It's my dream when I can legally drink to go to Oktoberfest😄

  9. The Curywurst 2:35 is actually from berlin , they are all over the place here

  10. 1 dislike for that fake blonde

  11. the chick looks like she needs instructions to breath

  12. 0:19 look at the beautiful bavarian sky 😍
    thats why the flag of bavaria is blue&white

  13. Andi Baumgarten

    they definitely fucked. btw i never heard anyone say g'suffa 😀

  14. are they a thing or……..

  15. Roxanna Lugo-Cuevas

    They are so cute together

  16. KARTOFFELKLOESSE!!!! Ugh i so want to go back to Germany now.. why did i move to the UK?

  17. Did I just watch someone's vacation movie? Not entertaining unless Chevy Chase is in it

  18. chocmilkshake24

    I’m going next yr! Can’t wait!

  19. G’SUFFA isn’t “drink up” in German it’s “austrinken”.

  20. Omg that's not what german toilets look like😂

  21. Oh wow buzzfeed. You're always anti-white and act like white people don't have culture and now you're making a video about Oktoberfest? Hm. Smells like hypocrisy.

  22. Prost ihr Säcke!

  23. he gunna fuq dat bich

  24. deadlyNightshade789

    They translated PROST IHR SÄCKE to "Cheers, buddies!" LMAO I'm crying 😂😂😂

  25. Y.b, is so cute

  26. 3:09 would be a good thumbnail

  27. U cucks faked the footage, you just drank what you are, sewage

  28. C U L T U R A L A P P R O P R I A T I O N

  29. Not Rotkraut, Blaukraut or Rotkohl don't mix the worlds together 😂

  30. 1K Subs No vids

    S H 0 C K T 0 B 3 R F 3 S T

  31. The guy is too hot for her ♥♥♥

  32. Bratwurst 😍😍

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