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We Tried German Food in Berlin

Trying German Food in Berlin – We have just arrived in Berlin, Germany and decided to go out and try some German street foods! We tried third wave coffee, currywurst, german beer and also visited a popular Berlin food market – Markethall 9

Where we stayed – http://www.pullmanhotels.com/gb/hotel-5347-pullman-berlin-schweizerhof/index.shtml

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Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!

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  1. Holger Sommer

    Did you try out the local drink “Berliner Weisse” ? Also the Döner Kebab has been invented in Berlin….

  2. nice to see you in Germany. Saw you in the Videos with the endless Adventure and the wayaway.

  3. Sorry having fake meat "authentic" food is a contradiction…

  4. Starbucks is over hyped and expensive!

  5. This makes me wanna go back to my hometown!

  6. that was interesting.. and entertaining… quality material on youtube is rare… so thx

  7. Coming to Germany to avoid real meat and sausages…Well its berlin, vegan shit is on the rise there.

  8. that last part is Chinese food, not Korean. it is called Kong ba pao

  9. Jetzt hab' ich Hunger…
    I love that you guys mention that Berlin is not just German food, but a melting pot. There are just so many options…

  10. I’m gonna need to get that hot dog next time I’m in Berlin…

  11. Subscribed. Looking forward to your adventures 🙂

  12. Mss Apple White

    steven and jess
    can you guys come back to cambodia i didn't met you when you were in cambodiai live in cambodia

  13. getting better and better! who agrees ??
    Hi 5 guys 🙂

  14. so crazy to see my home country in a different way

  15. LewisLikesToFilm

    You guys wouldn't be interested collaborating with a small Perth youtube like myself who Vlogs would you? surely not 😉

  16. So much food variety in Berlin:)

  17. Hi are you coming to England as experiencing amazing weather here at the moment which is really unusual.

  18. New subscriber! Love your videos and doing Australia proud! Keep it up.

  19. Suli Tijerina

    My sister and I love your videos! We love the way you edit, and always love the music you put in your videos as well. Can’t wait for upcoming vids!

  20. Lovely so good

  21. there was no need for subtitles 😂

  22. I'm starving now after watching that. I really need to visit my uncle and aunt in Germany now.

  23. you should try vegan Döner 🙂

  24. it is the most expensive european country.

  25. King David njoku

    Subscribed and notifications turn on. Amazing vid officially love you guys

  26. Daddo Valentine

    It must of been meat 🍖🍺🍺

  27. I love how good Germany is for vegans – I got a vegan kebab in Munich & it was so good. That coffee shop looked amazing! I really must get back to Berlin at some point.

    Also Jess, I am in love with all your outfits!

  28. HI Jess and Step, love the songs and music, well selected and the various places you ventured out to. Can you please list down these places in Berlin? We are heading to the city later in the year. Many thanks.

  29. Dayton Haynes

    I just had a big supper a few hours ago, but this vlog made me hungry!

  30. We love you guys but you actually had meat! I lived in Berlin and those are meat hotdogs. Absolutely delicious but not vegan at all. The name describes the spice flavor. I love those dogs. Anyway, respect your life style choice for food. Really fun episode, you 2 are always fun as ne sincere 🙂 Blessings, Kim & James

  31. Try going to the 'Thai Park' on Sunday!! You'll love it. Lots of authentic street food all served up in a park and everyone eats under the trees on the lawn. Some Korean stalls too. Google it and you'll find it. Totally worth going. Bring cash and an appetite. Enjoy Berlin – I love it.

  32. Delightful Travellers

    We'll somehow we missed the beer garden when we were there. We went right through that park as well. haha.. look at you guys finally getting in to beer! German beer at that 👌- Trevor

  33. How good is Berlin!? I love it SO much

  34. ultrasonyccpictures

    Are you interested in Croatian Food? Try out this little treasure in Tiergarten. I lived there for a couple of years and have been a regular. And when you're there, you have to try the "Punjena Pljeskavica" I highly recommend it. http://www.marjan-grill.de/ If you two really dig in to my suggestion, I would love you for recommending my channel to your viewers. cheers

  35. Simply Life Film & Photo

    Most interesting vlog! Well done,

  36. Wowww you found the vegan Curry Wurst!!! I was there just a few days before you were there! And next week I will be back in Berlin and I am sure going to have another one of those. But I am still bummed about missing you two by just a few days.

  37. You said Tiergarten just perfectly! I’m still crying because you were HERE! You were so CLOSE and I soll didn’t get to meet you 🙁 hope someday our paths will cross!

  38. german autobahn are the best

  39. +1 Sneaky dis towards Starbucks using Trump's infamous 'Covfefe'… hahaha

    Love that Jess called it a "Head-full" of beer… 🙂
    Was the beer in fact a Löwenbräu…? Or just served in the glass…? :/

    I would never call currywurst a hotdog…
    Hotdogs generally use boiled Frankfurters, while currywurst is a Brätwurst (Thüringer Rostbratwurst when lucky) which are pan-fried or roasted on a grill… (Gourmet version of a Bunnings snag & bread)

  40. Love you upload videos daily

  41. I miss Berlin! <3

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