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We Tried The World’s Best Beer • Belgium

“This is like the beer that Thor drinks before he goes out!”

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  1. Luca Chalkiadakis

    Let you hearBELGIUM
    (Laat je horen België)

  2. Alessio Gorgeri

    Does someone know why Americans always seem so ignorant and uncouth?

  3. They are at the Brussels airport… I recognize the place!!!

  4. Westmalle, Chimay and a couple more are brewed by monks. They are amazing beers.

  5. Glad you showed the belgian beers, i am from there as well. Next time you can also try less high percentage beers like Jupiler or Stella 🙂

  6. Why would you drink BELGIAN BEER?
    PS: I'm flemish btw

  7. Westmalle compared to Blue Moon?! Oh gawd.

  8. TheHalfheartedproduc

    Anyone who knows beer knows that America has the best beer.

  9. Come on Buzzfeed, the camera is focused on the background for like half the video!

  10. Say the names right not hard

  11. Sure they r drunk.

  12. Great! Lovely to see you like my native beers, btw. Duval is the antwerp dialect for devil, if you drive in to the city of Antwerp there is a big sign with the text: sssssst… De Duval slaapt hier (ssssssst… The devil sleeps here) 😉

  13. I've had all of these beers, and they are all really delicious!

  14. My dad designed the Westmalle logo

  15. Westmalle Tripel = fancier, older brother of Blue Moon?? You have insulted the entire country of Belgium, committed sacrilege against the entire order of Trappist monks, and possibly initiated World War III over a 0,6 metre airport bar table.

  16. Belgium is – to me – the Olympus of the Beers. ♥
    Cheers from Italy

  17. Too bad you guys didn't have Rochefort 10 or Westvleteren 12

  18. in belgium we can drink from 16 🙂

  19. Christian Guerrero

    All the beers you had are available in LA.

  20. Chimay Bleue <3

  21. jeroen van acker

    3:00 I think they mean Westvleteren …
    Westmalle is not a real trapist
    Know your beers pls (also from Belgium)

  22. اغلاق xXxdotjexXx AKA BBA boy

    I'm from Belgium

  23. Gouden Carolus Blau   enough said ..

  24. Lol I'm from Belgium! You haven't tried the best ones!!

  25. Trevor Ambrico

    Lol you can get all of those beers easily in America. Why travel to Belgium just to drink those? If you were going all the way to belgium might as well try some Westy 12, some Cantillon and some 3 Fontenein which are much much harder to come by in the US

  26. 2:04 Every Belgian household has at least 1 special glass with a beer brand on it. My grandad has that. 😀

  27. Lisse van acker

    voor vorst, voor vrijheid en voor recht!! GO BELGIUM!!

  28. It's really cool you guys are visiting Belgium:) I recognize that place in the airport haha
    It's funny how you guys try to pronounce the names of the beers 😊 You should try the chocolate, fries (not from Mcdonalds) and also the Brussels waffles. They are delicious 😊

  29. The best beer in the world is… Weltenburger Anno 1050. Bavarian beer, made by the oldest monastery brewery in the world. And the Anno 1050 is a special beer made according to the original recipe that's nearly 1000 years old! Now that's quality! In fact it's so good, I'm going to drink one now.

  30. Belgium is awesome

  31. Lagaille Tonneau

    It's true we, belgians, are used to drink this kind of beer 🙂 but it stays sooooooo good !!!

  32. You fuckers are cool! Did you really drank all those?

  33. Sietse Van Overstraeten

    Why you don't try our chocolate once? Great as wel.

  34. mariechen coene

    Gene cara oef wa?????

  35. The pronunciation though hahah, I liked the video!

  36. Why do you have to pronounce everything weirdly wrong tho? 🙁

  37. Peter De Cleen

    Next you're in Belgium… try Tripel Karmeliet or Sint Bernardus Abt 12

  38. Vítek Přibyla

    I think best beer is Pilsner Urqell

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