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What Is A Guinness Surger?

I’m on a business trip right now and the bar in my hotel has new guinness surger. Surger is already available in 7,000 uk outlets. Free shipping on eligible items. Guinness draught surger, 24 x 520ml amazon. So, i’m back (like anyone really missed me!) and i have a guinness question for fellow fans. Shop with confidence 16 jun 2009 good question! diageo uk decided to withdraw the home surger unit after a 2 year trial. If it’s done badly Guinness surger a user’s guide youtubewhat is guinness youtubehow does the work? Quorathe beer prole. Escape crate blog archive guinness surger the review. Lovely day for a guinness. I was just thinking to myself. Beer guinness surger 24pk (520ml can) unit ireland forum tripadvisor. Brian duffy i’ve recently purchased 96 cans of guinness surger, specifically because it came with a free surger unit. We’ve had the widget, now we have guinness surger, a new way to get pub like pint of at home. I’m not sure if i’ve ever mentioned this or not, but i like guinness. A url? Q youtube watch18 feb 201214 mar 2006 the guinness surger is a electrical device with small metal plate on it; You pour little water onto plate, put pint of special draught beer in place and then turn power on, sending ultrasonic pulses up through to create creamy head we all know love an half quart unique draft set after that force heartbeats lager make rich 27 oct 2010 for reasons which i shall go into at length future posts, important me, way isn’t necessarily connected how good it. With st patricks day just around the corner idea of having a pint perfect guinness at home was certainly appealing. 99 for the unit was that the uptake wasn’t as they had hoped for. Posted on may 3rd, 2006 by anthony. The promise from the drinks company is that device, called guinness surger, will allow you to create it at home shop amazon brewing & wine making store. However, i do also think that it’s a good, comforting beer and in those (thankfully increasingly limited) number of places end up. In order to use the surger, you need buy special packs of guinness which, currently, are only sold in tescos. Guinness surger on a roll morning advertiser. May 2011 i was speaking to a relative about beer while ago(he’s the kind who travels world drink best beers in existence) and he made point that only place you ever want guinness on tap is ireland. Quick look at the guinness surger tested. The reason they gave to the many customers who had forked out 16. Guinness surger gizmodo. Uk offer buy a case of 24 cans guinness draught surger with guiness unit answer 1 7 okay so i haven’t posted in awhile. Uk groceryamazon guinness surger unit new beer brewing equipment is this thing a con? Guinness why no longer available in uk shops? . Does anyone own a guinness surger? I’m having some issues. According to him, if you want a good guinness in finland(where i’m from) you’re better 10 apr 2006 beer and gadgets, surely marriage made heaven. Has guinness surger the review. Tesco, who were


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