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White Milkwood & Rootbeer fruit – Weird Fruit Explorer Ep. 247

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“019 Ffuge No Five” by Miranda taylor and Mike Hunchback
Severed Lips Recording

Used with permission of artist. Available on Free music archive

under a creative commons attribution.


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  1. I'm kinda loving this because you are talking about plants. Happy to hear your stories.


    You should try sprouted coconuts (if you haven’t already)

  3. love that bed of leaves gently resting on your head in the beginning

  4. Rootbeer fruit! Oh my goodness I can almost taste it.

  5. Piper auritum is known in Texas as Hoja Santa and sometimes “Root Beer Plant.”
    Mexican people make a tea from the leaves, and sometimes use the leaves to wrap tamales or to wrap piecs of fish which are then steamed.
    But this video is the first I’ve heard of the fruit being eaten. That’s good to know.
    I read somewhere that the name Hoja Santa (“holy leaf”) has to do with a story that after washing baby Jesus’ diapers, Mary hung them to dry on this bush. The leaves then got their sweet fragrnce and flavor, presumably as a reward for the plant’s helping the holy family with its laundry.
    Some articles state that the Hoja Santa plant contains a poison, but from what I’ve read, it would be nearly impossible for a human to eat enough of it to be harmed by it.

  6. I was hoping it looked like a frosty mug.

  7. I was not expecting the root beer flavoured fruit to look like that! Cool and weird heh

  8. Once again making me jealous having fruits that I haven't had lol

  9. Ilham Danu Alfath

    You have money from where ?

  10. Oh neat! That sounds delicious.

  11. Juan Pedro Mariano

    Looks like we have found a rootbeer that isn't a rootbeer. Interesting

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