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Why I Make Yoghurt at Home

I was raised in India and I have always seen every household including mine make yoghurt at home, and they still continue to do so. After moving to London I saw nobody, make yoghurt at home. Even my friends, family, from India have refrained form the practice. Apart from not having enough time, another reasons they got it it is too cold here and may not set. Without probing further I decided to go with the crowd and started buying yoghurt tubs, until I came across article on probiotics and live bacteria and their many uses. My first response was to check the label for probiotic or live cultures on my product. It did not specify. My immediate reaction was, oh my god! I have been eating dead yoghurt for so long.

On my next trip to super market I started scanning every yoghurt tub on the shelf. I found some which contained live bacteria and cultures. Relieved to have found what I was looking for, I bought the probiotic tub home. However, still not over the shock of eating dead yoghurt for so many months, I had a strong urge to make yoghurt at home. Perhaps this was to pacify myself, and verify whether the claims of live cultures was right, and also see if I can replicate the process that is followed back home. I boiled some milk and set it until until warm. I then put some yoghurt from the tub claiming live bacteria and left it overnight in a warm place of my house.

To my disappointment the process had failed. Although the probiotic yoghurt I bought was genuine, but since I could not replicate the process I was left frustrated. Moreover, I did not want to give on to untried claims of my other fellow Indians. What annoyed me more was companies selling dead yoghurt, which I was eating for so many months. My concern was genuine and this left me asking the whole food industry which looks like the milking cow and the owner's only motivation seems cash.

I continued my experiments of making yoghurt at home and kept trying different brands from different shops. Finally after many experiments and expeditions I was successful in producing first batch of homemade yoghurt. Yeh! Since then I have been making and I prefer making yoghurt at home. The many benefits are: home-made yoghurt tastes great, there are no preservatives and other additives and importantly it also reduces packaging waste and therefore environmental friendly.

Environmental friendly sounds cool and you gain some brownie points for it. But personally, every time I make my own yoghurt it makes me happy for not using one more plastic tub which probably takes hundreds of years to degrade. And moreover, I get to eat live, yummy home-made yoghurt.

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