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Why the Modern Rolex Root Beer GMT Doesn’t Measure Up To Vintage Model

In this episode, Christian and Rolly discuss the Rolex “Root Beer” GMT Master – and decide whether the modern or the vintage model is ultimately preferable.

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  1. Sportwatch is a companion.

  2. Лев Разумовский

    what the fuck is that laugh at 1:33

  3. Old rootbeer is SHIT what r u talking about

  4. You're correct, the classic is just that – a pure beautiful classic

  5. What are your thoughts on the steel rolex shortage

  6. I´m not a Rolex guy.
    I still haven't seen a Rolex i would spend my money on ever.
    Great watches but for me they are a bit boring and predictable.
    It seems that they have made the same watches for 50 years and just changes the colour scheme every now and then to keep the fans satisfied.
    But then I'm not a sports watch fan either.

  7. Really enjoyed this Video

  8. What is upwatchfam? Is it
    similar to updog?

  9. My reaction when they first released it was "Ewww, what the fuck!" but now i quite enjoy it, its too expensive otherwise i would maybe buy it.

  10. Can't get enough of these vids! One question. Would you say the cartier basculante is too formal to wear with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. I just love the watch but am not sure if it'll fit in my style.

  11. FIRST!!! 😁 Thoroughly your shows, especially when you have your dad on! I prefer the older GMT, Pepsi colors, aluminum bezel. Great job guys! 👊⚡⚡

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