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Why Would You Drink… Pineapple Beer?!?!? – Food Feeder

Mr. Pineapple is not some fun kids drink, no, it’s actually a beer from the San Tan Brewing Company, and we’re going to pour it down our gullets! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

The Overlords of Tasted.com love feeding you guys what you love, and you love to watch us try foods (and drinks) for you, so that you don’t have to (or so you can decide whether to run out and get some). Thus, we bring you Mr. Pineapple pineapple wheat beer from the San Tan Brewing Company.

Have you tried San Tan’s Mr. Pineapple? What did you think? Have you tried a different brand’s pineapple beer? What fruit mixes best with beer? Do you like flavored beers? What’s the best?

Let us know in the comments!!

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  1. That brunette girl always looks like she's high out of her mind

  2. English please you cunts

  3. Try Habanero Sculpin!


  5. how many women here say a famous quote for catch phrases from The Simpsons

  6. True Lies False Facts


  7. kieran cherrington

    I kinda wanted this to be nice. The packaging looks so friendly… It's for when kids want to drink beer in the park and can just have a few of these… They look to innocent to be beer right?

  8. Hey, didn't know Aunt Jemima had a beer show!

  9. Ti is so fucking annoying.

  10. Is that the Zodiac Killer?

  11. It sounds like to would taste like another beer I have tried "Hala Kahiki" beer. Thanks guys.

  12. I kind of want to try it. haha

  13. I won't Food mashup back please or well unsubscribe plz bring it back 🙏🏻

  14. the beer is good on draft but the canned beer doesn't do it justice.

  15. Fire devil chicken looks like it's shooting the bird. Lol

  16. Have you tried the pineapple/grape/peach/mango beer from Taiwan beer? Some people say its not too bad

  17. Wattos Premium Videos


  18. kristen stewart?

  19. San Tan is down the street from me! That's one of their best-selling beers! I love the stuff! But hey, to each his own I guess!

  20. i thought this channel was deding?

  21. His hipster mustache is the worst.

  22. That's a phoenix, not a chicken BTW. San Tan Brewery is located around Phoenix, AZ.

  23. typical clueless Olivia, egads.

  24. why is Noah wearing a fake mustache and glasses to get onto a why would you drink that?

  25. Jorge Juan Vazquez

    Try Pineapple Sculpin! That is pretty good! Honestly there are excellent beers that feature many fruit flavors. Belgian Lambic beers often times have fruit flavors. You guys should give me a job talking about beer on your channel!

  26. I can picture my balls resting on the black chicks chin

  27. pineapple beers were great, you were just testing a really bad brand

  28. TroubleBrewingStudio

    I haven't found a lot of pineapple-infused beer that actually do justice to pineapple. There are some really good coconut ones, like Oskar Blues Death By Coconut.

  29. If Spongebob was an alcoholic…and a douche.

  30. Try the Pineapple Sculpin from Ballast Point.

  31. Alright i don't drink beer but for people who have i need this explained. I always hear how people say beer tastes terrible but you drink it for the buzz. So what would be a good pineapple beer? It's the bad taste of beer but with pineapple, what was the expectation?

    It's seems like it's for people who really like the taste of pineapple and happen to like getting drunk too. Is it really any worse than normal beer?

  32. I live in Hawaii and I've had pineapple beer (and pineapple wine, but that's neither here nor there) and it's NOT made that way, it just a pineapple-ly Blue Moon type deal. And if U ever find Urself here go to REAL, I recommend the salt water beer or the Batch 19😉K.

  33. Best food related show on YouTube

  34. Honestly, I would try this. I am not really a beer or serious alcohol beverage person due to the bitterness. I like sweet, tart alcohols (apple and pear cider, palm wine) or milk stout (my personal favorite) Where can I get this in Toronto?


    God I hate wheat beers.

  36. KidCruzzer Reviews

    It's better on tap

  37. We miss Georgia. Please bring her back before the last show.

  38. Ayoo, Houston Astros hat.

  39. Eat More MolaMola

    The guy on the left looks like the British guy off Magnum PI and Magnum PI had a love child.

  40. Omg, nice touch with the Lion King top 😀

  41. thekingofswing 1

    Id drink it!

  42. The reason the can looked like that is likely due to it having some sediment thus conditioning in the can.

  43. Lmfao this is fucking hilarious

  44. The best jobs are two man jobs

  45. I like Clint's mustache, he looks like Tom Selleck.

  46. Well I'm glad ya'll tried it for me cuz I might have given this one a try myself.

  47. Go get the Elysian Hawaiian Sunburn, WAY better.

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