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Why Would You Drink…. Pop-Tart Beer?! – Food Feeder

Pop Tart Beer exists, and because Olivia requested it we’re going to pour it down our gullets! Wish us luck. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

Noah is still away and it’s time for the office to play. We’ve had some interesting beers in the past but the sweet flavored ones always have us a bit worried. Hearing the words Pop Tart Beer makes us worry but you never know, it could be good!

The Overlords of Tasted.com love feeding you guys what you love, and you love to watch us try foods for you, so that you don’t have to (or so you can decide whether to run out and get some). Thus, we bring you Pop Tart Beer.

Have you tried Pop Tart Beer? What did you think? What other sweet flavored beers have you tried? What’s the best? What sweet treats do you think would enhance the flavor of beer? Would you try Pop Tart Beer battered wings? What about Pop Tart Beer battered wings that are battered in crumbled up pop tarts?

Let us know in the comments!!

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  1. IPA Bullshit, fuckin hippies.

  2. cannabis is better

  3. I am an IPA drinker..

    No you are a hipster douche nugget..

  4. Calling it pop tart beer is a disservice as it is delicious.

  5. what happened to my boy chefy?

  6. mmmmm… I so wanna try this now!

  7. Try carnival fruit roll ups!

  8. Un vídeo en español jajaja

  9. 21st Amendment are one of my favorite breweries right now. Over summer they make one with watermelon.

  10. Six more minutes of my life wasted.

  11. 21st amendment makes all around solid beers.

  12. Ti looks good. She has lost a lot of weight and her makeup is perfect.

  13. the b day girl is like…."what are these old drunks even talking about" (nods while they talk), thinks to herself (just shut the F up and get wasteeeeeeeed!)

  14. Sunshine_Shooter

    I'm sad that you guys didn't hate the shit out of it. I came here for disgust and outrage!

  15. TroubleBrewingStudio

    Sounds interesting… I wonder if it'll turn up in Texas. Nice review!

  16. Where can you buy it…Almost everywhere! Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Bev Mo, Safeway, Most specialty craft liquor stores and try the 21st Amendment webite..Skoal!

  17. IPAs are terrible, for the most part. Ugh.

  18. Tiiiiii!!!!!!!

  19. 21st is a great brewery. Their watermelon is so refreshing.

  20. T's hot cans committed a party foul?

  21. Thumbs up for Ti's hair

  22. your saying ipa weird but what do i know i dont even like beer 😛 so call it IPA or ipa like a word, what ever floats your goat

  23. Sir.mixalot the 3rd

    as an imperial stout / barleywine drinker i take great offence to your hoppy propaganda, and feel like the dark side of the force(´d carbonation) should be represented.

  24. Jelly Belly makes a beer flavored jelly bean flavored beer. What?

  25. I don't know…I like all kinds of beer. Especially crafty/small brewery beers, but damn, IPA are weird, just can't stand those

  26. Really? She's only just now 21? I really thought they were making a joke about Olivia turning 21. I'd have guessed somewhere in the 23-27 range.

  27. All of these reviews mean nothing without Noah's stamp of approval


    Hey, the Dogfish Punk'n Ale is ok

  29. Wouldn't turn it down!

  30. i was thinking this was going to be a tasty beer.

  31. No way Olivia is 21. Ti was just joking.

  32. IPA's are trendy. That's why most people are drinking them nowadays. I'd be willing to bet that 60% of people who drink IPAs drink them because they'll 'look cool'.

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